The Story behind OPN’BAR was born during an hot July afternoon in the deep heart of Pilat Regional Park, well known for its technical singletracks on MTB and beautiful twisty road for the asphalt lovers.

During this choking hot day, the idea was born, innovative and revolutionary way to enjoy a bottle with a sealed cap on anywhere. We just wanted to drink a good beer without the struggle opening it and most of the time losing the precious liquid ! The idea was born, we needed a bottle opener on our handlebar. Few months passed as the team is mobilizing mutual technical knowledge and skills to create the perfect bottle opener which will fit any bars. After weeks of R&D, multiple attempts and fails in design and material CNCing we almost lost our minds, but we finally made it. First prototype is launched. Team worked on the cosmetics, and as a result we got a full range of anodised colors and engraved writings for an unique and unimitable style. Today we are lauching the project righ under you eyes, and we do need you, the riders are calling the riding community !

Project timeline